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  1. Inherit the Warmer Wind

    The genetic makeup of organisms ranging from fruit flies to birds appears to be changing in response to global warming.

  2. Toxin Buster: New technique makes cottonseeds edible

    Scientists have engineered cotton plants that produce seeds missing a toxic compound that had previously made them inedible.

  3. Low body heat lengthens mouse lives

    Mice genetically engineered to have slightly lower-than-normal body temperatures lived significantly longer than mice with normal body temperatures.

  4. Jet lag might hasten death in elderly

    Mimicking jet lag in old mice brought on an early death in the animals.

  5. Derailing a Disease: Stem cells slow dogs’ muscular dystrophy

    Injecting a special type of stem cell into dogs with the canine equivalent of Duchenne muscular dystrophy significantly slowed the disease's progression.

  6. Hot, Hot, Hot: Peppers and spiders reach same pain receptor

    The burn of hot peppers and the searing pain of a spider bite could have a common cause.

  7. Health & Medicine

    L’Chaim: Wine compound lengthens mouse lives

    A constituent of red wine appears to increase the life spans and boost the well-being of mice that haven't followed the healthiest of lifestyles.

  8. Mom’s caffeine harms pups’ brain cells

    Rats born to mothers who drank caffeinated beverages throughout their pregnancies had abnormal brain-cell function.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Insulin can protect diabetic brains

    Staying on top of diabetes treatments may prevent some of the brain atrophy and cognitive deficits that typically accompany the disease.

  10. Health & Medicine

    Pain follows cycle

    Estrogen fluctuations during a woman's menstrual cycle may change her perception of pain.

  11. Nicotine during rat youth primes brain for harder drugs

    The addictive ingredient in those cigarettes in the schoolyard could prep the brain for reliance on illicit drugs.

  12. Trimming Down Cancer: Fat could hinder body’s fight against disease

    Fatty tissue may secrete substances that make it harder for the body to battle cancer.