Ivars Peterson

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  1. Computing

    Games Theory

    Online games can not only entertain but also provide valuable data for researchers tackling computer-vision and other tough computational problems.

  2. Math

    The Complexity of TipOver and Other Puzzles

    Solving puzzles such as TipOver and River Crossing can be surprisingly difficult.

  3. Math

    Divide-and-Conquer Multiplication

    The most efficient way to multiply two large numbers is often far from obvious.

  4. Math

    Sudoku Class

    Sudoku puzzles are showing up in the math classroom.

  5. Math

    Knitting Network

    A skein of intriguing mathematical objects comes out of an evening devoted to knitting, crocheting, and other crafts.

  6. Math

    A Polyhedron with a Hole

    A polyhedron with seven faces, 14 vertexes, 21 edges, and a hole makes an intriguing lamp.

  7. Math

    Art of the Tetrahedron, Revisited

    A New Orleans sculptor and his tetrahedron-based artworks survived Hurricane Katrina.

  8. Math

    Laying Track

    Switches in train track layouts lead to a tangled math problem.

  9. Math

    The Coin in the Cake

    Hiding a coin in a cake offers a lucky slice and a tantalizing math problem.

  10. Math

    Rankings, Tournaments, and Playoffs

    All outcome-based sports ranking systems are fundamentally flawed.

  11. Math

    Travels of a Shopper

    Shoppers tend to be a lot less efficient than they could be when picking up groceries at the supermarket.

  12. Math

    Scripting Boffo Box Office

    A computer model can help select movie scripts that lead to success at the box office.