Ivars Peterson

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  1. Math

    Geometry in Court

    The Pythagorean theorem and geometric series played leading roles in two legal disputes.

  2. Math

    Form Plus Function

    Numbers, lines, squares, and shadows add up to an intriguing set of artworks rooted in mathematical concepts.

  3. Math

    Quark Park

    Math-inspired and science-related artworks enliven an imaginatively landscaped sliver of parkland.

  4. Math

    Designer Decimals

    Fractions can yield amazingly familiar decimal expansions.

  5. Math

    Mining the Yesternet

    Digital records allow social scientists to study online communities and the diffusion of innovation.

  6. Math

    The Great Tile Debate

    For subway flooring, why switch from hexagonal to square tiles?

  7. Math

    Swirling Seas, Crystal Balls

    A remarkable geometric shape made up of a sequence of triangles leads to a host of intriguing forms and mobile structures.

  8. Math

    Knots in Proteins

    Knotted proteins are rare but more than just random occurrences.

  9. Math

    The Eclipse That Saved Columbus

    An eclipse prediction in a book of astronomical tables helped Columbus out of a jam.

  10. Math

    Math Factor Radio

    Listen in on some math radio and browse for science songs.

  11. Math

    Euler’s Bridges

    A well-known puzzle about bridges led to a pioneering paper in topology.

  12. Touring the Poles

    Hunting for bear leads to uncountable infinities.