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  1. Math

    Euclid’s Fourteenth Book

    An ancient manuscript reveals an astonishing, unexpected realm of Euclidean geometry. For additional math news, visit the MathTrek blog.

  2. Math

    A Gathering for Gardner

    Recreational mathematics and magic highlighted a lively gathering held recently to honor Martin Gardner. For additional news, visit the MathTrek blog.

  3. Math

    Winning with a Winding Random Walk

    A two-dimensional random walk takes a frustratingly long time to complete a circuit.

  4. Math

    From Counting to Writing

    Counting and numbers played a crucial role in the development of writing.

  5. Math

    All Square

    Mathematicians nail down when it's possible to express numbers as the sums of squares.

  6. Math

    The Limits of Mathematics

    Some mathematical facts can't be compressed into a theory because they are too complicated.

  7. Math

    The Galois Story

    Mystery still surrounds the tragic death of young mathematician Évariste Galois.

  8. Math

    Calculating Dogs

    When dogs play fetch, they have various ways to find the optimal path.

  9. Math

    A Super Bowl Lift

    Does a Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl victory mean financial good times ahead?

  10. Math

    Predicting Oscar

    And the Academy Award goes to . . . ?

  11. Math

    Math Plus Crime, TV Style

    Math tidbits from the TV show "Numb3rs" inspire commentary and classroom activities.

  12. Math

    College Friendships and Social Networks

    E-mail messages provide insights into the evolution of social networks.