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  1. Materials Science

    High-temperature ceramics takes flight

    A recent NASA flight test of ultrahigh-temperature ceramic materials might lead to a new aerospace design that would make the space shuttle look downright old-fashioned.

  2. Materials Science

    Scientists tone down silicon rockers

    Researchers have created pairs of silicon atoms that stay level instead of slowly rocking in place, permitting scientists to study silicon-surface reactions in unprecedented detail.

  3. Materials Science

    Crystal puts pressure on diamonds

    A new type of synthetic crystal called moissanite allows researchers to study more material at high pressure than is possible with traditional diamond devices.

  4. Materials Science

    New work improves stainless steel surface

    A novel electrochemical method improves the surface of stainless steel without making the metal brittle or prone to corrosion.

  5. Chemistry

    Nobel prize recognizes future for plastics

    The Nobel Prize in Chemistry went to three researchers for the discovery and development of plastics that conduct electricity.

  6. Tech

    Memory Enhancers

    Engineers take aim at increasing the density of data storage on magnetic media.

  7. Earth

    A late arrival for platinum and gold?

    An extraterrestrial source may explain why Earth's mantle holds more platinum, gold, and certain other elements than it should.

  8. Earth

    Strange crystal birth found in mine

    Deep in a Wisconsin mine, researchers have uncovered a new way for crystals to grow in nature.

  9. Materials Science

    Titanium makes move toward mainstream

    Inventors of a new process for producing titanium claim that their method can reduce the metal's cost to one-third its current price.

  10. Chemistry

    Amending the Genetic Code: Yeast adds new amino acids to its proteins

    Researchers have created yeast cells that add one of five unnatural amino acids to their natural 20-piece construction set.

  11. Chemistry

    Old Martian questions may have new answer

    Researchers simulating Martian conditions in a test tube discover a likely reason why no organic molecules have yet been found on the surface of the Red Planet.

  12. Chemistry

    Chemical rings act as a minirotor

    Interlocked molecular rings form new minirotors, including some in which scientists can control the rotational direction.