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  1. Materials Science

    Layered Approach

    A decade-old method for creating thin coatings is poised to move from the lab to countless low- and high-tech products.

  2. Materials Science

    Worm’s Jaws Show Mettle: Zinc links may inspire new materials

    New analyses of the jaws of marine worms may lead scientists to better ways of making synthetic materials.

  3. Materials Science

    Miniature Motor: Nanotubes central to new rotating device

    Researchers have used miniature, nested cylinders, called multiwalled carbon nanotubes, to make a motor only 300 nanometers long.

  4. Materials Science

    Tiny Labs: Polymers on silicon chip catch, release proteins

    In a step toward a new laboratory-on-a-chip technology, researchers have grown a dense polymer film on a silicon wafer that takes up and releases proteins on command.

  5. Materials Science

    Gas sensor uses nanotube parts

    New sensors use carbon nanotubes to analyze gas.

  6. Chemistry

    An inexpensive catalyst generates hydrogen

    A new, inexpensive catalyst could make hydrogen generation cleaner.

  7. Materials Science

    Microbial Materials

    Microorganisms can be coaxed into producing high-tech components and can themselves serve as valuable ingredients in new classes of materials.

  8. Materials Science

    Cathedral has weathered London’s acid rain

    A decrease in acid rain seems to be responsible for newly reported reduced deterioration rates of St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

  9. Materials Science

    Easy Repair: Novel structural model heals with heat

    The vertebrate spine has provided inspiration for making new structures that heal when heated.

  10. Materials Science

    Lithium Sees the Light: Images of tiny ion may help battery designers

    An electron microscope has captured images of tiny lithium ions for the first time.

  11. Materials Science

    Material mimics mother-of-pearl in form and substance

    A new synthetic material is so strong and tough that it might one day be used to construct artificial bones or even auto parts.

  12. Humans

    Russia’s nuclear-safety issues spread

    A leading Russian environmentalist, Aleksandr Nikitin, says Russia's problems with nuclear-waste management should concern people beyond that country's borders.