Lillian Steenblik Hwang

Lillian Steenblik Hwang

Associate Digital Editor at Science News Explores

Lillian Steenblik Hwang is the associate digital editor for Science News Explores. Lillian has a B.S. in biology (and a minor in chemistry) from Georgia State University and an M.S. in science journalism from Boston University. As a science journalist she has worked in a wide variety of roles in both digital and print media. Lillian loves devouring books, cooking, playing video games, knitting, trying to limit herself to a reasonable number of hobbies, and going on adventures with her kids and husband.

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  1. Physics

    50 years ago, superconductors were warming up

    Superconducting temperatures have risen by about 250 degrees since the 1970s, but are still too cold to enable practical technologies.

  2. Health & Medicine

    50 years ago, X-rays provided an unprecedented look inside the brain

    CT scans can now image the whole body and are even used in other scientific fields such as archaeology, zoology and physics.

  3. Earth

    50 years ago, scientists thought they had found Earth’s oldest rocks

    Even older rocks and minerals continue fueling debates over Earth’s crust, plate tectonics and even when life arose.

  4. Health & Medicine

    50 years ago, scientists found a link between aspirin use and pregnancy complications

    Scientists are still learning about the risks and benefits of taking aspirin at each stage of pregnancy.

  5. Science & Society

    50 years ago, UFO sightings in the United States went bust

    In 1971, reports of unidentified flying objects were on the decline. Fifty years later, sightings have spiked thanks in part to pandemic lockdowns.

  6. Materials Science

    50 years ago, bulletproof armor was getting light enough to wear

    In 1969, bulletproof armor used boron carbide fibers. Fifty years later, bulletproof armor is drastically lighter and made from myriad materials.