Maria Temming

Maria Temming

Staff Writer, Physical Sciences

Maria Temming is the staff writer for physical sciences at Science News. Maria has undergraduate degrees in physics and English from Elon University and a master's degree in science writing from MIT. She has written for Scientific AmericanSky & Telescope and NOVA Next. She’s also a former Science News intern.

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  1. robotic skins on a stuffed horse
    Materials Science

    High-tech ‘skins’ turn everyday objects into robots

    Robotic skins turn inanimate objects into multipurpose machines.

  2. thumb pianos

    A sensor inspired by an African thumb piano could root out bogus medicines

    An inexpensive, user-friendly device that’s based on an mbira could help identify counterfeit and contaminated medications.

  3. insect bot

    This flying robot could reveal secrets of the aerial world of insects

    A new winged robot with the exceptional agility of a fruit fly could lend insight into animal flight.

  4. graphene frequency illustration
    Materials Science

    Here’s how graphene could make future electronics superfast

    Graphene-based electronics that operate at terahertz frequencies would be much speedier successors to today’s silicon-based devices.

  5. an illustration of a satellite orbiting the Earth

    ‘Accessory to War’ probes the uneasy alliance between space science and the military

    Neil deGrasse Tyson and Avis Lang’s ‘Accessory to War’ grapples with the millennia-old partnership between space science and warfare.

  6. starburst galaxy

    New images reveal how an ancient monster galaxy fueled furious star formation

    Scientists were able to see the abundance of star-forming gas and dust in a giant galaxy from when the universe was less than 2 billion years old.

  7. deicing plane
    Materials Science

    A new material harnesses light to deice surfaces

    A new sun-powered material could someday melt the ice off airplane wings, wind turbines and rooftops.

  8. Perseverance Valley
    Planetary Science

    The massive Mars dust storm is waning. Now, will Opportunity wake?

    With a global dust storm on Mars finally passing, NASA hopes that its Opportunity rover will soon phone home.

  9. gravity illustration

    The strength of gravity has been measured to new precision

    Researchers have measured Newton’s gravitational constant, known as Big G, with the greatest precision yet.

  10. snapping spaghetti

    Here’s how to bend spaghetti to your will

    Researchers have discovered how to snap spaghetti sticks without sending bits of pasta flying.

  11. lithium-oxygen battery

    Lithium-oxygen batteries are getting an energy boost

    A new version of the lithium-oxygen battery could pack more energy and last longer than its predecessors.

  12. robot

    Here’s what robots could learn from fire ants

    Fire ants’ secret to success is prioritizing efficiency over fairness. Robot teams could use that strategy to work more efficiently in tight, crowded quarters.