Maria Temming

Maria Temming

Staff Writer, Physical Sciences

Maria Temming is the staff writer for physical sciences at Science News. Maria has undergraduate degrees in physics and English from Elon University and a master's degree in science writing from MIT. She has written for Scientific AmericanSky & Telescope and NOVA Next. She’s also a former Science News intern.

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  1. synthetic cartilage
    Materials Science

    This artificial cartilage gets its strength from the stuff in bulletproof vests

    One of the key ingredients in this artificial cartilage is a nanoversion of the synthetic fiber in body armor.

  2. Microbes

    New pill tracks gases through your gut

    Swallowing these pill-sized sensors could give new insight into what’s going on in your gut.

  3. bacteria illustration

    These disease-fighting bacteria produce echoes detectable by ultrasound

    Ultrasound can help keep tabs on genetically modified bacteria to better fight disease inside the body.

  4. reddit page
    Artificial Intelligence

    Ask AI: How not to kill online conversations

    Tips on not being a conversation-killer, courtesy of an AI that studied over 60,000 Reddit threads.

  5. humanoid robot

    Boy robot passes agility tests

    Anatomically accurate humanlike robots pave the way for more sophisticated prosthetics and realistic crash-test dummies.

  6. Kepler 90 system

    AI has found an 8-planet system like ours in Kepler data

    An AI spotted an eighth planet circling a distant star, unseating the solar system as the sole record-holder for most known planets.

  7. hydrogel disks

    Electric eels provide a zap of inspiration for a new kind of power source

    Battery-like devices inspired by electric eels could someday power wearable and implantable tech or soft robots.

  8. dolphin jumping
    Artificial Intelligence

    AI eavesdrops on dolphins and discovers six unknown click types

    An algorithm uncovered the new types of echolocation sounds among millions of underwater recordings from the Gulf of Mexico.

  9. neuron illustration
    Artificial Intelligence

    New setup for image recognition AI lets a program think on its feet

    Researchers are revamping image recognition programs to better identify familiar objects in new situations.

  10. 3-D printed doll's face
    Materials Science

    New 3-D printed materials harness the power of bacteria

    The three-dimensional materials contain live bacteria and could generate wound dressings or clean up pollutants.

  11. Hedy Lamarr
    Science & Society

    Actress Hedy Lamarr laid the groundwork for some of today’s wireless tech

    ‘Bombshell’ tells the story of Hedy Lamarr’s double life as a Hollywood starlet and tech inventor.

  12. self-driving car

    When it comes to self-driving cars, what’s safe enough?

    Even as unmonitored self-driving cars take to the streets, there’s no consensus about how safe is “safe enough” for driverless vehicles.