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Biomedical Writer (retired September 2015)

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  1. Map of chikungunya outbreaks and mosquito ranges
    Health & Medicine

    Chikungunya is on the move

    The chikungunya virus, which wreaks havoc on joints, has spread via mosquitoes in tropical regions. Now it has found a way to hijack a second mosquito, posing a threat to people in Europe, North America and China.

  2. opening brain vessel
    Health & Medicine

    Snagging blood clots upgrades stroke care

    A new device threaded up to the brain via catheter can unblock vessels in cerebral arteries, studies show.

  3. hawthorn hedge row

    The art and science of the hedgerow

    Spiky hawthorn trees have found many uses despite their unforgiving nature, Bill Vaughn writes in ‘Hawthorn.’

  4. Health & Medicine

    Same mutations can show up in tumors, healthy tissues

    Analyzing samples of healthy and tumor tissues could pinpoint which mutations are driving cancer and help develop better-targeted treatments.

  5. Neuroscience

    Marijuana component fights epilepsy

    A buzz-free extract of marijuana could help epilepsy patients whose seizures resist other treatments.

  6. Health & Medicine

    Mutation regions mapped on genes that cause breast and ovarian cancer

    An analysis of mutated BRCA genes could someday be used for personalized medicine in the fight against breast and ovarian cancer.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Injured baby hearts may be coaxed to regenerate

    Shots of a growth factor protein reduce cell death in infant mice with heart damage.

  8. Health & Medicine

    Older moms may have options to reduce newborns’ risks

    Although babies born to older mothers face a higher danger of congenital heart defects, exercising moms may offset this added risk, a study in mice shows.

  9. Stephen Strasburg
    Health & Medicine

    Performance gains from Tommy John surgery still up for debate

    Major league baseball pitchers who undergo two Tommy John surgeries have shorter careers than peers who don’t have the surgery, a new study finds.

  10. methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
    Science & Society

    White House unveils strategy against antibiotic resistance

    The Obama Administration has launched a long-term plan to curb antibiotic resistance, unveiling incentives and requirements designed to boost surveillance and diagnosis of resistant microbes.

  11. Health & Medicine

    Prospective Crohn’s drug yields high rate of remission

    An experimental Crohn’s disease drug triggers a high remission rate in patients.

  12. baby aspirin
    Health & Medicine

    Aspirin, other painkillers may not reduce colorectal cancer risk for everybody

    Aspirin and NSAIDs appear widely protective against colorectal cancer, but not for everyone.