Nathan Seppa

Biomedical Writer (retired September 2015)

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  1. Health & Medicine

    Rise in measles cases predicted in Ebola-stricken areas

    Disruptions in vaccination campaigns in West Africa during the Ebola outbreak could lead to as many as 16,000 deaths from measles in the coming months.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Teens have higher anaphylaxis risk than younger kids

    Adolescents may be more apt to experience an extreme allergic reaction than younger children, researchers report.

  3. herpes

    Experimental herpes vaccine works in mice

    An experimental herpes vaccine works in animal tests by using an approach starkly different from that used in previous vaccine development.

  4. Ecosystems

    When animals invade human spaces

    ‘Feral Cities’ explores the wildlife living amongst us, sometimes noticed and sometimes not.

  5. hepatitis E transmission map
    Health & Medicine

    Hepatitis E vaccine shows strong coverage

    A large trial in China indicates that a vaccine can provide 87 percent protection against the hepatitis E virus, which infects 20 million people a year.

  6. baby getting a shot
    Health & Medicine

    Despite risks, vaccine delay requests are common

    A survey of pediatricians and family doctors finds parents frequently put off vaccines for babies even though doctors warn it can place the children at risk of illness.

  7. burning cigarette
    Health & Medicine

    Secondhand smoke exposure in womb linked to eczema in childhood

    Secondhand smoke exposure in the womb may heighten risk of eczema and other dermatitis in children, a study finds.

  8. a baby breast feeding

    Breast-feeding newborns might limit their allergy to pets later

    Breast-feeding newborns might limit their allergy to pets later by inducing a protective mix of gut microbes in the baby.

  9. Gardasil 9
    Health & Medicine

    CDC panel gives thumbs up to vaccine against nine HPV types

    A federal vaccine advisory committee voted February 26 to recommend use of an expanded version of the human papillomavirus shot marketed as Gardasil.

  10. peanut butter
    Health & Medicine

    Early peanut exposure can reduce likelihood of allergy

    In many infants at risk of developing a peanut allergy, early and steady exposure to peanut butter prevents it, a new study finds.

  11. person meditating
    Health & Medicine

    Six ways to beat chronic stress

    Counseling, mindfulness training and purposeful social contact may counteract the effects of chronic stress.

  12. stressed out graphic
    Health & Medicine

    Chronic stress can wreak havoc on the body

    Scientists are shedding light on all the ways that chronic stress can boost inflammation and lead to serious health problems.