Richard Monastersky

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  1. Earth

    Climate’s Long-Lost Twin

    New geological evidence suggests that humans have started exploiting fossil fuels and altering Earth's atmosphere at precisely the moment when greenhouse gases could do the most damage to climate.

  2. Anthropology

    Drowned land holds clue to first Americans

    A map of a now-flooded region charts the path that Asians may have taken to first reach the Americas.

  3. Earth

    Major mood swing alters Pacific character

    The temperature of the North Pacific Ocean has apparently veered from one extreme to the other—a change that could alter North American weather for the next decade or two.

  4. Earth

    As globe warms, atmosphere keeps its cool

    Scientists confirm a confusing discrepancy between temperatures at Earth's surface and in its atmosphere.

  5. Paleontology

    All mixed up over birds and dinosaurs

    A bit of fossil fakery snookered a team of paleontologists

  6. Earth

    Wretched weather sealed explorer’s fate

    Unusually low temperatures hindered Robert Falcon Scott's polar expedition in 1912.

  7. Earth

    Taking a mountain’s measure

    A survey of Mount Everest alters its official elevation to 29,035 feet.

  8. Earth

    Corals keep eruption record

    Dust from a giant eruption is lodged within Florida coral.

  9. Earth

    Smoggy Asian air enters United States

    High concentrations of ozone from Asia reach the United States.