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  1. Chemistry

    Disorder at Work

    Proteins without a definite shape can still take on important jobs.

  2. Humans

    Pruney digits help people get a grip

    Finger and toe wrinkling may have evolved as an adaptation to wet conditions.

  3. Space

    New Martian meteorite is one of a kind

    Rock is water-rich and resembles observed regions of Red Planet’s crust.

  4. Life

    Feces study gets the poop on gorillas’ diet

    Chemical traces in animals’ droppings reflect shifts in recent food consumption.

  5. Life

    Contender for world’s oldest dinosaur identified

    An African specimen suggests the lineage may have arisen 15 million years earlier than thought.

  6. Astronomy

    Voyager crossing superhighway to solar system exit

    The latest milestone in a 35-year journey may signal an impending passage to interstellar space.

  7. Space

    First rock from the sun turns out to have ice

    Frozen material at the planet’s poles likely came from comet or asteroid impacts.

  8. Health & Medicine

    Auditory test predicts coma awakening

    While all patients in a new study could discriminate between sounds early on, those whose ability improved during the first 48 hours wound up recovering.

  9. Space

    Rogue planet found among gang of stars

    Astronomers report the closest such free-floating object to Earth.

  10. Earth

    Global drought may have changed less than thought

    Simple models have overestimated drying over past 60 years.

  11. Earth

    Sea level rise overflowing estimates

    Future sea level rise might exceed estimates due to environmental feedbacks.

  12. Space

    Super-Earth joins ranks in life-supporting zone

    The large exoplanet lies just 42 light-years away.