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  1. Life

    Tracing human roots

    Using a new method of data analysis, researchers have found that the Americas were peopled in two different migrations.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Reading minds … or at least brain scans

    By analyzing brain activity, computers can tell what word is on your mind.

  3. Space

    Martian sands

    Sandy soil on the Red Planet hints at an ancient mix of volcanic activity and water, a potent breeding ground for life.

  4. Life

    For bacteria, it’s a hard-knock life

    Bacteria stick better to rigid surfaces.

  5. Physics

    Catching the cell in action

    A light microscope with high resolution may enable scientists to view the 3-D structures within living cells.

  6. Plants

    One gene, many shapes

    A single genetic change may lead to the notable diversity of leaves seen in Galapagos Island tomato plants.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Drugs: Still bad for you

    Heavy cannabis smokers have increased blood levels of a protein linked to heart disease.

  8. Life

    Not so different after all

    Plague bacteria may be deadlier than its harmless cousin because of a few small genetic changes.

  9. Life

    Coral keeps it in the family

    The nutrients released during mass coral spawning feed the whole ecosystem.