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  1. Physics

    Exploding stars scattered traces of iron over Antarctic snow

    Researchers melted half a ton of snow to find just 10 atoms of a radioactive variety of iron.

  2. Space

    Two new books explore Mars — and what it means to be human

    ‘Once Upon a Time I Lived on Mars’ and ‘The Sirens of Mars’ are surprisingly apt reads during the pandemic.

  3. Climate

    Antarctica’s iceberg graveyard could reveal the ice sheet’s future

    Drilling deep into the seafloor beneath Antarctica’s “Iceberg Alley” could reveal new clues about how quickly the continent has melted in the past.

  4. Earth

    Warm, dry winds may be straining Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf

    Wind-induced melting that occurred during the Antarctic autumn may be accelerating the Larsen C ice shelf’s collapse, which could raise sea levels.

  5. Earth

    How the Earth-shaking theory of plate tectonics was born

    Plate tectonics explains many of Earth’s geologic wonders and natural hazards — and may hold clues to the evolution of life.

  6. Climate

    One Antarctic ice shelf gets half its annual snowfall in just 10 days

    Antarctica’s coasts get most of their snow from just a few big storms each year.

  7. Climate

    IPCC report warns of a bleak future for oceans and frozen regions under climate change

    A new IPCC report offers dire warnings about how climate change is altering oceans, the polar regions and the high snowy mountains.

  8. Animals

    Humpback whales in the South Atlantic have recovered from near-extinction

    A new count shows the population off Brazil went from about 450 in the 1950s to some 25,000 today.

  9. Climate

    Climate models agree things will get bad. Capturing just how bad is tricky

    Climate models are better than ever at simulating complex interactions between ocean, air, ice and land. But scientists still aren’t really sure what the worst-case scenario might be for Earth’s future climate.

  10. Climate

    The Southern Ocean may be less of a carbon sink than we thought

    The Southern Ocean’s ability to suck up much of the carbon that humans pump into the atmosphere is in question.

  11. Oceans

    Tiny bits of iron may explain why some icebergs are green

    Scientists originally thought the green hue of some icebergs came from carbon particles. Instead, iron oxides may color the ice.

  12. Earth

    Ocean acidification could weaken diatoms’ glass houses

    Ocean acidification may lead to smaller, lighter diatoms in seawater, which could also shrink how much carbon the tiny ocean algae can help sequester.