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  1. Image of the Perseverance rover
    Planetary Science

    NASA’s Perseverance rover will seek signs of past life on Mars

    NASA’s Perseverance rover will collect rocks and search for past life on Mars using lasers and zoomable cameras among other instruments.

  2. woman inside wearing mask

    Lonely brains crave people like hungry brains crave food

    After hours of isolation, dopamine-producing cells in the brain fire up in response to pictures of humans, showing our social side runs deep.

  3. In praise of serendipity — and scientific obsession

    Editor in chief Nancy Shute writes about the role of serendipity and scientific obsession played in this month's feature stories.

  4. Michelle O’Malley

    Michelle O’Malley seeks greener chemistry through elusive fungi

    Michelle O’Malley studies anaerobic gut fungi, microbes that could help make chemicals and fuels from sustainable sources.

  5. MESSENGER spacecraft orbiting Mercury
    Particle Physics

    Measuring the neutron’s lifetime from space could solve an enduring mystery

    Measurements on Earth show that lone neutrons decay after about 15 minutes, and now scientists have measured that lifetime from space.

  6. graphene friction

    Scientists seek materials that defy friction at the atomic level

    Scientists investigate superslippery materials and other unusual friction feats.

  7. Malin Pinsky

    Malin Pinsky seeks to explain how climate change alters ocean life

    As global temperatures rise, Malin Pinsky’s research attempts to understand how marine ecosystems are changing and why.

  8. mother holding young child and looking in frustration at laptop
    Science & Society

    How COVID-19 worsened gender inequality in the U.S. workforce

    Compared with men, the pandemic disproportionately hurt working women, including mothers of young children.

  9. side view of a Pacific blackdragon (Idiacanthus antrostomus)

    How some superblack fish disappear into the darkness of the deep sea

    Some fish that live in the ocean’s depths are superblack as a result of a special layer of light-absorbing structures in the skin.

  10. chemical bonds within a molecule

    Scientists ‘strummed’ a molecule’s chemical bonds like guitar strings

    Scientists dragged an atomic force microscope tip, with a single carbon monoxide molecule dangling from it, across a chemical bond.

  11. illustration of a landscape on another planet
    Planetary Science

    Planets with hydrogen-rich atmospheres could harbor life

    Lab experiments show yeast and E. coli survive and reproduce in hydrogen gas, suggesting new environments to seek alien life.

  12. supernova

    50 years ago, scientists didn’t know where heavy elements came from

    Five decades ago, scientists suspected ordinary supernovas created heavy elements. Now we know they don’t, but merging neutron stars do.