February 26, 2000 | Science News

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    Packing spheres around a sphere

    A mathematician has proved that the optimal arrangement of 12 identical spheres around and touching a 13th is a highly symmetric pattern based on the 12-faced geometric shape known as the dodecahedron.
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    A fair deal for housemates

    A new mathematical recipe for fair division allows people to resolve disputes over the splitting up of rent, goods, or even burdensome chores.
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    Anatomy of antisocial personality

    A disturbance in the brain's prefrontal cortex may either contribute to or result from a psychiatric condition called antisocial personality disorder.
  • Feature

    Genes to Grow On

    Researchers studying children with Williams syndrome say that the unusual condition emerges through a developmental process that's influenced but not predetermined by a genetic defect.
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    Climate's Long-Lost Twin

    New geological evidence suggests that humans have started exploiting fossil fuels and altering Earth's atmosphere at precisely the moment when greenhouse gases could do the most damage to climate.
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    Hear, Hear

    A 14-year study of twin babies shows definitively for the first time that there's a link between middle ear infections and heredity.
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    Votes cast for and against the WIMP factor

    Physicists this week duked it out over a bunch of WIMPs, elementary particles that—if they exist—could solve a decades-old mystery in cosmology and help unify the four fundamental forces of nature.