January 7, 2006 | Science News



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    Estimating a temblor's strength on the fly

    New analyses of ground motions caused by large earthquakes suggest that it may be possible to estimate the full magnitude of such quakes immediately after they start rumbling.
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    Facing a hairy electronics problem

    Investigating why kinky metal filaments sprout spontaneously on electronic- circuit cards, researchers have found that the way metal films have been electroplated onto the surface in the first place plays a lingering role.
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    European face-off for early farmers

    A new analysis of modern and ancient human skulls supports the idea that early farmers in the Middle East spread into Europe between 11,000 and 6,500 years ago, intermarried with people there, and passed on their agricultural way of life to the native Europeans.
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    Moon spray

    The Cassini spacecraft has found conclusive evidence that the south pole of Saturn's moon Enceladus spews jets of icy particles into space.
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    Magnetic Overthrow

    Researchers have discovered and begun to exploit a fundamentally new way to exert magnetic influences, at least on extremely small scales.