1. Animals

    Ant Traffic Flow: Raiding swarms with few rules avoid gridlock

    The 200,000 virtually blind army ants using a single trail to swarm out to a raid and return home with the booty naturally develop three traffic lanes, and a study now shows that simple individual behavior makes the pattern.

  2. Animals

    Single singing male toad seeks same

    Male spadefoot toads of the Spea multiplicata species evaluate male competitors by the same criterion females use.

  3. Animals

    Frogs Play Tree: Male tunes his call to specific tree hole

    Borneo's tree-hole frog may come as close to playing a musical instrument as any wild animal does. [With audio file.]

  4. Animals

    Hawkmoths can still see colors at night

    For the first time, scientists have found detailed evidence than an animal—a hawkmoth—can see color by starlight.

  5. Animals

    Mad Deer Disease?

    Chronic wasting disease, once just an obscure brain ailment of deer and elk in a small patch of the West, is turning up in new places and raising troubling questions about risks.

  6. Animals

    The whole beehive gets a fever…

    When bee larvae are fighting off disease, the nest temperature rises, so the whole hive gets a fever.

  7. Animals

    Ear for Killers: Seals discern foes’ from neighbor-whales’ calls

    Harbor seals eavesdrop on killer whales and can tell the harmless neighborhood fish eaters from roving gangs with a taste for fresh seal.

  8. Animals

    Tadpoles kill by supersuction

    A high-speed video shows tiny African tadpoles that catch their prey in a manner unlike that used by any other frog larvae: by shooting out a tubular mouth for superfast suction.

  9. Animals

    Lizard’s Choice: Mating test pits physique versus domain

    When she decides to move in, is it him or is it his real estate?

  10. Animals

    Fish Fraud: Cleaners show off before biting clients

    Some of the reef fish that make their living by nibbling parasites off other fish may be luring clients into scams by offering free massages.

  11. Animals

    Female owls: First to advertise good genes

    Swiss researchers find the first case of a female flashing ornaments that advertise her gene quality to choosy males.

  12. Animals

    Upside Way Down: Video turns fish story on its head

    The first video of whipnose anglerfish reveals them swimming upside down and trolling for prey on the 5,000-meter deep ocean floor.