1. Animals

    Balls of Fire: Bees carefully cook invaders to death

    Honeybees that defend their colonies by killing wasps with body heat come within 5 degrees C of cooking themselves in the process.

  2. Animals

    Perfect Match: Tied contest gives fish no hormone rush

    A male fish produces a burst of hormones as he fights off an intruder, but this surge isn't triggered simply by fighting.

  3. Animals

    Bumblebee 007: Bees can spy on others’ flower choices

    Bumblebees that watched their neighbors feast on unusual flowers often later checked out the same kinds of blossoms themselves, a behavior that amounts to social learning.

  4. Animals

    What’s That Knocking? Sound evidence offered for long-lost woodpecker

    Cornell's Laboratory of Ornithology has released recordings from the woods of eastern Arkansas that researchers say could be the distinctive drumming and calls of the ivory-billed woodpecker.

  5. Animals

    Hey, kids, it’s time for drool

    A researcher has for the first time decoded a vibrational signal used by paper wasps.

  6. Animals

    When a chipmunk teases a rattlesnake

    Several of the Northeast's least ferocious forest creatures taunt rattlesnakes.

  7. Animals

    Faithful voles have hidden infidelities

    Prairie voles, used for studying the biological basis of monogamy, do form social bonds but they also have more out-of-pair sexual encounters than most biologists had expected.

  8. Animals

    Coati version of spoiled brats

    A biologist reports that ring-tailed coatis in Argentina have a kind of dominance structure never before documented in animals, with adolescents as a group outranking their moms and older half-sibs.

  9. Animals

    Getting the Gull: Baiting trick spreads among killer whales

    A young male orca that spits up fish and then ambushes gulls attracted to the mess seems to have started a wave of cultural transmission.

  10. Animals

    Myth of the Bad-Nose Birds

    Even though a lot of people still believe birds have no sense of smell, certain species rely on their noses for important jobs, such as finding food and shelter, and maybe even a mate.

  11. Animals

    Out of the Jungle: New lemurs found in Madagascar’s forests

    Two new species of lemur have been discovered in Madagascar, the only home of these tiny and endangered primates.

  12. Animals

    Wing Ding: Bird rubs feathers for cricketlike song

    Scientists say that they have found the first vertebrate to make its courtship music in the same way as a cricket does.