1. Animals

    Why do two-sex geckos triumph?

    Just the smell of an invasive species of gecko suppresses egg laying and subdues aggression in a resident.

  2. Animals

    Maybe what Polly wants is a new toy

    Changing the toys in a parrot's cage may ease the bird's tendency to fear new things.

  3. Animals

    Some female birds prefer losers

    When a female Japanese quail watches two males clash, she tends to prefer the loser.

  4. Animals

    The secret appetite of cleaner wrasses

    The little reef fish that nibble parasites off bigger fish that stop by for service actually prefer to nibble the customers.

  5. Animals

    City Song: Birds sing higher near urban traffic

    Birds in noisier city spots tend to sing at a higher pitch than do members of the same species in quieter neighborhoods.

  6. Animals

    Killer sex, literally

    Videotapes of yellow garden spiders show that if a female doesn't murder her mate, he'll expire during sex anyway.

  7. Animals

    Flight burns less fuel than stopovers

    The first measurements of energy use in migrating songbirds confirms that birds burn more energy during stopovers along the way than during their total flying time.

  8. Animals

    Sumo wrestling keeps big ants in line

    In a Malaysian ant species, the large workers establish a hierarchy by engaging in spectacular shaking contests.

  9. Animals

    Moonlighting: Beetles navigate by lunar polarity

    A south African dung beetle is the first animal found to align its path by detecting the polarization of moonlight.

  10. Animals

    Strange Y chromosome makes supermom mice

    An otherwise rare system of sex determination has evolved independently at least six times in one genus of South American mice.

  11. Animals

    African cicadas warm up before singing

    The first tests of temperature control in African cicadas have found species with a strategy that hogs energy but reduces the risk of predators.

  12. Animals

    Life Without Sex

    The search is on for creatures that have evolved for eons without sex.