1. Archaeology

    Mexican murals store magnetic data

    Tiny magnetic particles in the pigments of some Mexican murals recorded the direction of Earth's magnetic field when the paint dried.

  2. Archaeology

    Rat DNA points to Pacific migrations

    An analysis of mitochondrial DNA from Pacific rats supports a theory that ancestors of today's Polynesians migrated from Southeast Asia to a string of South Pacific islands in at least two separate dispersals.

  3. Archaeology

    Massive Fishery Resurfaces in Amazon

    Native groups in an Amazonian region of Bolivia built a large-scale fishery and other earthworks at least 300 years ago, before the Spanish conquest.

  4. Archaeology

    Guatemalan sites yield Maya insights

    Excavations at three archaeological sites in Guatemala have provided new insights into both the early and late stages of ancient Maya civilization.

  5. Archaeology

    Stone Age Combustion: Fire use proposed at ancient Israeli site

    A Stone Age site in Israel contains the oldest evidence of controlled fire use in Asia or Europe, from around 750,000 years ago, a research team reports.

  6. Archaeology

    Agriculture’s roots go tropical

    Tropical-forest dwellers in Central America may have cultivated manioc and other root crops as many as 7,000 years ago.

  7. Archaeology

    Early farmers crop up in Jordan

    An ancient site discovered in southern Jordan dating back more than 9,000 years may help to illuminate the origins of farming in the Middle East.

  8. Archaeology

    Israeli cave yields Stone Age kills

    A recently discovered Israeli cave has yielded some of the earliest known evidence of hunting by humans or our evolutionary ancestors, from around 300,000 to 200,000 years ago.

  9. Archaeology

    Cat’s Cradle? New find pushes back origin of tamed felines

    Archaeological finds on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus indicate that people domesticated cats by about 9,500 years ago, long before cat taming achieved prominence in ancient Egypt.

  10. Archaeology

    Laser scanners map rock art

    Researchers have developed a way to use laser-based surveying equipment to quickly and easily create detailed images of ancient rock art.

  11. Archaeology

    Reconstructing ancient drinking habits

    A new technique involving the analysis of residue from pottery jars can discern the color of wine consumed by ancient Egyptians.

  12. Archaeology

    Stone Age statuettes don disputed apparel

    A report describing woven caps, skirts, belts, and other apparel on Venus figurines from the Stone Age draws some critical responses.