1. Cosmology

    ‘The End of Everything’ explores the ways the universe could perish

    As Katie Mack explains in The End of Everything, the universe’s demise could be disastrously violent or deadly calm.

  2. Cosmology

    Despite a new measurement, the debate over the universe’s expansion rages on

    The Atacama Cosmology Telescope finds the universe is expanding more slowly than supernova observations suggest.

  3. Space

    This is the most comprehensive X-ray map of the sky ever made

    A new X-ray map of the entire sky, using data from the eROSITA telescope’s first full scan, looks deeper into space than any other of its kind.

  4. Space

    Half the universe’s ordinary matter was missing — and may have been found

    Astronomers have used fast radio bursts as cosmic weigh stations to tease out where the universe’s “missing matter” resides.

  5. Space

    Red giant stars that eat planets might shine less brightly

    Some stars may shine less brightly after ingesting a planet. That finding, if confirmed, could have implications for calculating cosmic distances.

  6. Physics

    How slime mold helped scientists map out the cosmic web

    Tapping a similarity between a slime mold’s lacy web and the vast threads of matter that connect galaxies, astronomers visualized the cosmic web.

  7. Physics

    Physics Nobel awarded for discoveries about the universe’s evolution and exoplanets

    Three scientists share the 2019 Nobel Prize in physics for revealing what makes up our cosmos and for finding the first planet orbiting a sunlike star.

  8. Cosmology

    A new book explores how the concept of the multiverse has evolved

    Tom Siegfried, author of ‘The Number of the Heavens,’ discusses what the multiverse has meant to great thinkers throughout history.

  9. Cosmology

    Debate over the universe’s expansion rate may unravel physics. Is it a crisis?

    Measurements of the Hubble constant don’t line up. Scientists debate what that means.

  10. Cosmology

    Scientists still can’t agree on the universe’s expansion rate

    A mismatch in measurements of how fast the universe is expanding might not be real, a study hints.

  11. Chemistry

    Carbon plays a starring role in the new book ‘Symphony in C’

    In Symphony in C, geophysicist Robert Hazen explores carbon’s ancient origins, its role in life and its importance in the modern world.

  12. Astronomy

    In a first, magnetic fields have been spotted between two galaxy clusters

    The discovery of magnetic fields in the gaseous filament between two galaxy clusters suggests that some large cosmic structures are magnetized.