1. Ecosystems

    Climate Upsets: Big model predicts many new neighbors

    The biggest effects of climate change during the next 50 years may not be extinctions but major reshuffling of the species in local communities.

  2. Ecosystems

    Are They Really Extinct?

    A few optimists keep looking for species that might already have gone extinct.

  3. Ecosystems

    Cryptic Invasion: Native reeds harbor aggressive alien

    A mild-mannered reed native to the United States is getting blamed for the mayhem caused by an evil twin.

  4. Ecosystems

    Biodiversity Hot Spots: Top 10 sea locales make sobering list

    Biologists have identified the world's most vulnerable coral reefs, each with organisms found nowhere else and threatened by human influence.

  5. Ecosystems

    Genetic lynx: North American lynx make one huge family

    A new study of lynx in North America suggests the animals interbreed widely, sometimes with populations thousands of kilometers away.

  6. Ecosystems

    Tadpole Science Gets Its Legs . . .

    The amazingly complex tadpole now shines in ecological studies.

  7. Ecosystems

    Mistletoe, of all things, helps juniper trees

    A mistletoe that grows on junipers may do the trees a favor by attracting birds that spread the junipers' seeds.

  8. Ecosystems

    Move over, Leo. Give me more elbow room

    The average size of the largest land animals on each of 25 oceanic islands and five continents strongly depends on the land area there.

  9. Ecosystems

    Another World Hides inside Coral Reefs

    The first systematic survey of crevices inside Red Sea reefs reveals abundant filter feeders that may capture significant nutrients for the reef.

  10. Ecosystems

    Fierce invader steals nests from a native fish

    The round goby, a Eurasian fish that has invaded the Great Lakes, is causing the decline of the mottled sculpin by displacing the native from its spawning sites.

  11. Ecosystems

    Streamers could save birds from hooks

    A test on active longline fishing boats finds that an inexpensive array of streamers can reduce accidental deaths of seabirds by more than 90 percent.

  12. Ecosystems

    Wanted: Reef Cleaners

    Nearly 18 years after a near total die-off of algae-grazing urchins in the Caribbean, those herbivores are poised for a comeback—which could help save area corals.