1. Genetics

    Scientists find new way to corral genetically engineered bacteria

    Engineering E. coli to depend on human-made molecules may keep genetically modified bacteria from escaping into nature.

  2. Life

    In battle to shape immunity, environment often beats genes

    The environment, especially microbes, shapes immune system reactions more than genes do.

  3. Animals

    Squids edit genetic directions extensively

    In squids, RNA editing means that DNA often does not get the final say in which proteins are created.

  4. Animals

    Bowhead whales may unlock the secrets to a long, healthy life

    Analyzing the genome of the bowhead whale may help scientists understand how the animals live for more than 200 years.

  5. Genetics

    The art of DNA folding

    Cells must compress genetic material into a nucleus that measures only about 5 micrometers across. To accomplish the feat, cells make loops in the DNA.

  6. Genetics

    The year in genomes

    From the tiny Antarctic midge to the towering loblolly pine, scientists this year cracked open a variety of genetic instruction manuals to learn about some of Earth’s most diverse inhabitants.

  7. Agriculture

    Restoring crop genes to wild form may make plants more resilient

    Restoring wild genes could make plants more resilient in tough environments.

  8. Genetics

    Evolve and Linkage turn science into games

    In the two new games Evolve and Linkage, biological principles are made entertaining and strategic.

  9. Genetics

    Domestication did horses no genetic favors

    Horses bear the cost of domestication in the form of harmful genetic variants, a study of equine DNA finds.

  10. Genetics

    Year in review: Genes linked to tameness

    A look at the genes of domesticated animals offers possible insights into why taming has altered animals’ appearances.

  11. Genetics

    Year in review: Easy stem cells a no go

    An incredibly easy method for making stem cells turned out to be impossible, again tainting the stem cell research field with controversy.

  12. Genetics

    Year in review: Life’s complexity recoded

    New genetic letters in bacteria and a simplified yeast chromosome showcase scientists' advances in understanding the simplicity and complexity of life.