1. Health & Medicine

    Snakebite test correctly IDs attackers in Nepal

    A new test that swabs for traces of snake DNA around bite marks can identify the guilty serpent and may improve treatments.

  2. Genetics

    Genes influence Ebola’s impact

    A study in a diverse strain of mice shows how the effect of an Ebola infection can depend on genes.

  3. Neuroscience

    Study of psychiatric disorders is difficult in man and mouse

    Studying human psychiatric disorders in animals presents a challenge. A new study highlights one of the ways scientists can study human mutations by slipping them into mice.

  4. Genetics

    Men who lose Y chromosome have high risk of cancer

    Losing the Y chromosome in blood cells may bring on cancer and shorten men’s lives.

  5. Plants

    How female ferns make younger neighbors male

    Precocious female ferns release a partly formed sexual-identity hormone, and nearby laggards finish it and go masculine.

  6. Genetics

    Easter Islanders sailed to Americas, DNA suggests

    Genetic ties among present-day populations point to sea crossings centuries before European contact with Easter Island.

  7. Humans

    Oldest human DNA narrows time of Neandertal hookups

    A 45,000-year-old Siberian bone provides genetic clues about the timing of interbreeding between ancient humans and Neandertals.

  8. Humans

    Anglo-Saxons left language, but maybe not genes to modern Britons

    Modern Britons may be more closely related to Britain’s indigenous people than they are to the Anglo-Saxons, a new genetic analysis finds.

  9. Genetics

    Camels’ number of humps may affect their fat storage

    The number of humps camels and alpacas have may play a role in how well they store and break down fat.

  10. Genetics

    Gene variant helps dog evade muscular dystrophy

    A dog that has a mutation causing muscular dystrophy has another genetic variant that appears to counteract the disease.

  11. Genetics

    House fly’s genome hints at detox genes

    The house fly's DNA instructions include extra genes that may help detoxify and decompose animal waste.

  12. Health & Medicine

    Impotence drug boosts insulin in some with diabetes

    A drug called yohimbine lets some people with diabetes secrete more insulin by stopping pancreas cells from binding adrenaline molecules.