1. Physics

    Atom laser gets a full tank

    A method to refill Bose-Einstein condensates—ultracold clouds of atoms all in the same quantum state—may soon make possible the first atom lasers that can shoot a stream of condensate atoms indefinitely.

  2. Materials Science

    Beyond Jell-O: New ideas gel in the lab

    Researchers have created a new class of hydrogels that might prove useful in tissue engineering, drug delivery, and other biomedical applications.

  3. Physics

    Tiny tungsten beams lord over light

    By filtering radiated heat, a novel microstructure of crisscrossed tungsten beams promises to improve the efficiency of light bulbs and of heat-to-electricity conversion devices.

  4. Physics

    Unexpected Boost: A superconductivity killer’s silver lining

    Among superconductors—materials able to conduct electricity without resistance—an effect that normally diminishes current-carrying ability surprisingly turns out to sometimes enhance it.

  5. Physics

    Detector spots solar chameleons

    A new measurement of the sun's emission of ghostly neutrinos indicates that the prevailing theory of particle physics needs repair.

  6. Physics

    Fluid Beauty

  7. Physics

    Not-So-Neutral Neutron: Clearer view of neutron reveals charged locales

    A sharp, new picture of the neutron reveals that rather than being uniformly electrically neutral, the particle contains regions of positive and negative charge.

  8. Materials Science

    Self-Sutures: New material knots up on its own

    Researchers have used a new biodegradable material to make surgical sutures that knot and tighten themselves as they warm to body temperature.

  9. Materials Science

    Membrane Mastery: Nanosize silica speeds up sieve

    A novel modification to polymer membranes gives researchers a means to tune certain filters so they separate molecules more quickly and more selectively.

  10. Physics

    Molding Atoms: Using a tiny template to make tinier structures

    With the help of a molecular mold composed of exactly 188 atoms, researchers have been able to impose textures at an even smaller atomic scale on a metal surface.

  11. Materials Science

    Steely Glaze: Layered electrolytes control corrosion

    Experiments with ultrathin organic coatings applied to steel suggest a new technique for slowing corrosion.

  12. Materials Science

    A Field of Diminutive Daisies

    Researchers have created tiny daisies as a demonstration of a new technique that creates three-dimensional structures from carbon nanotubes.