1. Psychology

    Your body is mine

    Scientists have developed a technique for inducing an illusion of having swapped one’s own body with someone else’s body, providing a new means for investigating self-identity and body-image disorders.

  2. Health & Medicine


    When it comes to sensory information detected by the body, pain is king, and itch is the court jester. But that insistent, tingly feeling—satisfied only by a scratch—is anything but funny to the millions of people who suffer from it chronically.

  3. Psychology

    A genetic pathway to language disorders

    Researchers suspect a newly uncovered regulatory link between two genes contributes to language impairments in a range of developmental disorders.

  4. Science & Society

    It’s time for addiction science to supersede stigma

  5. Health & Medicine

    Body In Mind

    With gargantuan ears, gleaming brown eyes, a fuzzy white muzzle and a squat, furry body, Leonardo looks like a magical creature from a Harry Potter book. He’s actually a robot powered by an innovative set of silicon innards. THE SMARTEST GREMLIN | Leo (shown here without all of his outer covering) can learn from others. […]

  6. Psychology

    World of hurt

    Treatments shown to diminish psychological problems in traumatized youngsters often don’t get used, an exhaustive research review concludes.

  7. Psychology

    Undecided voters not so undecided

    A measure of unconscious attitudes predicts the opinions that undecided people eventually reach on a controversial issue.

  8. Psychology

    Core calculations

    Number words may serve as mental tools for expanding on basic, nonverbal numerical knowledge rather than as determinants of such knowledge.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Sick and down

    When one of psychiatrist Andrew Miller’s patients asked about receiving the best drug available for treating hepatitis C, Miller said: “No way.” The patient — in his early 20s and accompanied by his mom to the appointment — had no job, few friends and a history of depression. While Miller knows that hepatitis C patients often benefit from the […]

  10. Psychology

    Lie defectives

    A new analysis challenges the view that a few people with special experience can detect others’ lies with great accuracy.

  11. Psychology

    Woman knob twists

    People nonverbally impose a specific order on descriptions of witnessed events, a tendency that may influence the structure of new languages, a new study suggests.

  12. Psychology

    Wave of resilience

    Indian survivors of the devastating Asian tsunami employed spiritual and community coping strategies to regain emotional balance