1. Psychology

    Lie defectives

    A new analysis challenges the view that a few people with special experience can detect others’ lies with great accuracy.

  2. Psychology

    Woman knob twists

    People nonverbally impose a specific order on descriptions of witnessed events, a tendency that may influence the structure of new languages, a new study suggests.

  3. Psychology

    Wave of resilience

    Indian survivors of the devastating Asian tsunami employed spiritual and community coping strategies to regain emotional balance

  4. Psychology

    Simpleminded Voters

    An innovative research technique has led researchers to conclude that well-informed voters often use simple rules of thumb to sift through mountains of campaign information and pick the candidate who best reflects their own political views.

  5. Humans

    Worth the cooties

    Boys who attend preschool classes with a majority of girls do better developmentally than other boys.

  6. Anthropology

    Numbers beyond words

    New research with Amazonian villagers suggests that their language lacks number words but that they still comprehend precise quantities of objects.

  7. Humans

    Symbolic snacks

    Capuchin monkeys can reason with tokens as they do with different foods, demonstrating a basic capacity for thinking symbolically.

  8. Animals

    Courting both ways

    Some extra dopamine, and male fruit flies like boys too.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Mondo bizarro

    Psychiatrists measuring the degree of similarity between dreams and psychotic ruminations report some strange features common to both.

  10. Psychology

    Smarten up

    Taxing memory training produces at least short-term increases in a critical type of intelligence.

  11. Health & Medicine

    Asperger’s syndrome may not lead to lack of empathy

    People with high-functioning autism respond to others' pain, two studies show.

  12. Psychology

    Democracy Threatened by Lack of Neighborliness