Quantum Physics

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    Quantum connection could revitalize superstrings

    Status of superstrings could be elevated by their ability to explain the mysterious rules of quantum mechanics.

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    Quantum Physics

    You shouldn’t try to pigeonhole quantum physics

    A quantum analysis shows a way to violate math’s pigeonhole principle, by allowing three particles in two boxes with no two in the same box.

  3. Quantum Physics

    Quantum math makes human irrationality more sensible

    Vagaries of human decision making make sense if quantum math describes the way the brain works.

  4. Quantum Physics

    Electrons’ magnetic interactions measured

    Using characteristics of quantum mechanics, the minuscule magnetic interaction between two electrons has been measured.

  5. Quantum Physics

    Commercial quantum computer fails to impress in new test

    Fifteen million dollar D-Wave machine runs no faster than traditional computer in head-to-head challenge.

  6. Quantum Physics

    How to build a quantum-entangled superclock

    A blueprint for a quantum-entangled superclock suggests that such a device could enable startlingly precise measurements of Earth’s terrain.

  7. Quantum Physics

    Maybe classical clockwork can explain quantum weirdness

    Nobel laureate Gerard ’t Hooft proposes that a classical cause-and-effect reality underlies the probabilistic strangeness of quantum physics.

  8. Quantum Physics

    The least physics you need is a lot in ‘Quantum Mechanics’

    Leonard Susskind and Art Friedman walk readers through the basics needed to understand the quantum realm.

  9. Quantum Physics

    Nobel laureates offer new interpretations of quantum mysteries

    Two Nobel laureates offer novel interpretations to explain the mysteries of quantum mechanics.

  10. Quantum Physics

    Quantum cryptography could shed test for hackers

    An added protection of a proposed quantum cryptography method makes eavesdropping nearly impossible.

  11. Quantum Physics

    Next-gen quantum teleportation in just 2 photons

    Researchers teleport quantum information between two photons instead of the standard three.

  12. Quantum Physics

    Major step taken toward error-free computing

    Physicists have achieved nearly perfect control over a bit of quantum information, bringing them a step closer to error-free computation.