Quantum Physics

  1. Quantum Physics

    Quantum timekeeping

    Recent advances in controlling the quantum behavior of particles have inspired physicists to dream of a global clock that would tell the same time everywhere. It would be hundreds of times as accurate as current atomic clocks.

  2. Quantum Physics

    Einstein was wrong about spooky quantum entanglement

    Einstein’s biggest blunder wasn’t about vacuum energy in space, but in confusing people about quantum entanglement.

  3. Quantum Physics

    History affects superfluid’s flow, study shows

    The speed to stop the stirring motion can be slower than what was need to set the fluid spinning in the first place, which shows that what happens to the current state of the superatom depends on what it has already experienced.

  4. Quantum Physics

    Tom’s Top 10 interpretations of quantum mechanics

    Quantum mechanics has given birth to dozens of interpretations, which themselves need interpretations.

  5. Particle Physics

    Single-pole magnet emerges in frozen concoction

    An experiment has simulated the long-sought magnetic particle.

  6. Quantum Physics

    Atomic clock sets world records for precision, stability

    The strontium atomic clock is about 50 percent more precise than the previous record holder made of a single charged aluminum atom and rivals the ytterbium atomic clock for the title of most stable.

  7. Quantum Physics

    Gell-Mann, Hartle spin a quantum narrative about reality

    The “consistent histories” approach to quantum physics removes any role for people in creating “quasiclassical” reality.

  8. Quantum Physics

    ‘QBists’ tackle quantum problems by adding a subjective aspect to science

    Advocates of a program called “Quantum Bayesianism” take a subjective approach to resolving the paradoxes of quantum physics.

  9. Particle Physics

    Electrons’ roundness frustrates researchers

    Experiment finds no signs of asymmetry, which would point to undiscovered particles.

  10. Quantum Physics

    Quantum information storage that lasts and lasts

    Physicists have stored a snippet of quantum information at room temperature for more than 1,000 times the previous record.

  11. Physics

    Single atoms hold on to information

    Minutes-long data storage by individual atoms beats previous record of tiny fraction of a second.

  12. Quantum Physics

    Electron makes ultracold atoms move as one

    Harnessing the strong particle-gas interaction is early step toward quantum optics applications.