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    Rich caveman, poor caveman: Economic inequality wasn’t born last election cycle

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    In many fields of science, it’s always the year of the rat

  3. Science & Society

    2011 Science News of the Year: Science & Society

  4. Science & Society

    Scientists’ TV image isn’t really as diabolical as they sometimes worry

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    Science Ink

    Tattoos of the Science Obsessed by Carl Zimmer.

  6. Animals

    Lost to history: The “churk”

    More than a half-century ago, researchers at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center outside Washington, D.C., engaged in some creative barnyard breeding. Their goal was the development of fatherless turkeys — virgin hens that would reproduce via parthenogenesis. Along the way, and ostensibly quite by accident, an interim stage of this work resulted in a rooster-fathered hybrid that the scientists termed a churk.

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    Aftermath of ancient eruption offers lessons in adapting to disaster

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    Alexandra Witze, Earth in action

    Loss of eyes in the sky hurts science on the ground.

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    A prescription for complexity: public health and climate change

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    You’re fast enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, you can kill zombies

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    Bieber fever and other contagions reveal some things about fame, money, and us

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    Blood Work

    A Tale of Medicine and Murder in the Scientific Revolution by Holly Tucker.