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    Confirmed: Big Dipper to Get Doritos

    A European astronomy group beamed a video of a Doritos sacrifice to the god of salsa at a possible alien race in a star system associated with the Big Dipper.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Six-legged Arthritis Relief

    Here's a novel health food I learned about this morning--one that could be free for the gleaning right outside your front door (especially if you live in China). Warning: You have to be quick or it will get away.

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    Science Education and the Future of Humankind

    Nobel Prize–winning physicist Leon Lederman warns that science education is crucial for humankind’s future. Lederman is director emeritus of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.

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    Sour Genes, Yes—Salty Genes, No

    A study in twins finds that genes may be responsible for a high or low threshold to the detection of sour tastes, but not of salty ones.

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    From the March 20, 1937, issue

    The real Groundhog Day, microfilm book storage, and turning farm waste into chemical products.

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    Money Crunch: Tight budget leaves scientists disappointed

    In the federal budget for FY 2005, research and development funding for defense and homeland security gets a boost, but overall investment in science and technology is meager by comparison.

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    Science News of the Year 2003

    A review of important scientific achievements reported in Science News during the year 2003.

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    From the November 15, 1930, issue