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  1. Life

    Insects flocking to artificial lights may not know which way is up

    Insects may use light to figure out where the ground is. Artificial lights send them veering off course, data from high-speed infrared cameras suggests.

  2. Animals

    This newfound longhorn beetle species is unusually fluffy

    Discovered in Australia, the beetle is covered in whitish hairs and has distinctive eye lobes, antennae and leg shapes.

  3. Life

    Ants may be the first known insects ensnared in plastic pollution

    At this point, it’s unclear whether this type of trash harms insects, but the discovery highlights the ubiquity of plastic pollution in the wild.

  4. Animals

    Hibernating bumblebee queens have a superpower: Surviving for days underwater

    After some bumblebee queens were accidentally submerged in water and survived, researchers found them to be surprisingly tolerant of flooding.

  5. Animals

    Male dragonflies’ wax coats might protect them against a warming climate

    The reflective wax, which cools males on sunny courtship flights, may also armor them against the effects of climate change.

  6. Animals

    One mountain in Brazil is home to a surprising number of these parasitic wasps

    Darwin wasps were thought to prefer temperate areas. But researchers scoured a mountain in the Brazilian tropics and found nearly a hundred species.

  7. Environment

    How air pollution may make it harder for pollinators to find flowers

    Certain air pollutants that build up at night can break down the same fragrance molecules that attract pollinators like hawk moths to primroses.

  8. Life

    Some picky Australian mosquitoes may target frog nostrils for blood

    The insects seem to sip from nowhere else on frogs’ bodies. Thinner skin or denser blood vessels near the nostrils might explain why.

  9. Neuroscience

    Tiny treadmills show how fruit flies walk

    A method to force fruit flies to move shows the insects’ stepping behavior and holds clues to other animals’ brains and movement.

  10. Animals

    In a first, these crab spiders appear to collaborate, creating camouflage

    Scientists found a pair of mating crab spiders blending in with a flower. The report may be the first known case of cooperative camouflage in spiders.

  11. Animals

    Big monarch caterpillars don’t avoid toxic milkweed goo. They binge on it

    Instead of nipping milkweed to drain the plants’ defensive sap, older monarch caterpillars may seek the toxic sap. Lab larvae guzzled it from a pipette.

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