1. Animals

    A clam presumed extinct for 40,000 years has been found alive

    The reappearance of living Cymatioa cooki clams places it among a group of back-from-the-dead creatures dubbed the Lazarus taxa.

  2. Animals

    New species of scaly, deep-sea worms named after Elvis have been found

    A genetic analysis sheds new light on funky scale worms with glittery, scales reminiscent of sequins on the “The King’s” iconic jumpsuits.

  3. Paleontology

    This newfound predator may have terrorized the Cambrian seafloor

    A newly discovered spaceship-shaped predator raked through the Cambrian seafloor in search of food.

  4. Animals

    Meet India’s starry dwarf frog — a species with no close relatives

    The newly identified starry dwarf frog represents a new species, genus and potentially even a new family.

  5. Paleontology

    This huge plant eater thrived in the age of dinosaurs — but wasn’t one of them

    A newly named plant-eater from the Late Triassic was surprisingly hefty.

  6. Astronomy

    One of Earth’s shimmering dust clouds has been spotted at last

    Almost 60 years after a Polish astronomer spotted clouds of dust orbiting Earth near the moon, astronomers have detected those clouds again.

  7. Animals

    This new fish species displays a splash of highlighter hues

    Researchers stumbled upon a new species of coral reef fish with spectacular coloration and a unique habitat.

  8. Animals

    A new ankylosaur found in Utah had a surprisingly bumpy head

    The spiky, fossilized skull of a newly discovered dinosaur species may be a road map to its ancestors’ journey to North America.

  9. Paleontology

    These newfound frogs have been trapped in amber for 99 million years

    Trapped in amber, 99-million-year-old frog fossils reveal the amphibians lived in a wet, tropical climate.

  10. Physics

    STEVE the aurora makes its debut in mauve

    A newly discovered type of aurora is a visible version of usually invisible charged particles drifting in the upper atmosphere.

  11. Animals

    A new species of tardigrade lays eggs covered with doodads and streamers

    These elegant eggs hint that a tardigrade found in a Japanese parking lot is a new species.

  12. Animals

    18 new species of pelican spiders discovered

    A researcher used old and new specimens to discover 18 species of pelican spiders from Madagascar.