1. Green Bank Telescope

    It’s time to start taking the search for E.T. seriously, astronomers say

    Astronomers are hoping to make looking for alien technology an official science goal of NASA.

  2. Jocelyn Bell Burnell

    Jocelyn Bell Burnell wins big physics prize for 1967 pulsar discovery

    Astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell speaks about winning the Breakthrough Prize, impostor syndrome and giving back.

  3. at home tests for telomere length
    Health & Medicine

    At-home telomere testing is not a reliable marker of aging, researcher says

    Telomere testing for consumers offers a poor measure of “biological age,” says Johns Hopkins oncologist Mary Armanios.

  4. illustration of numbers

    Real numbers don’t cut it in the real world, this physicist argues

    Physicist Nicolas Gisin argues that real numbers don’t properly represent the natural world, which is a good thing for free will.

  5. man in bed with the "flu"
    Health & Medicine

    The man flu struggle might be real, says one researcher

    A researcher reviews the evidence for gender bias among flu viruses in the BMJ’s lighthearted holiday edition.

  6. hands holding a gun
    Science & Society

    Trauma surgeon studies gun violence stats — and was one

    Joseph Sakran is trying to help counter the U.S. epidemic of gun violence with data.

  7. Melting sea ice in Barrow, Alaska

    Radical idea could restore ice in the Arctic Ocean

    Windmill-powered pumps on buoys throughout the Arctic Ocean could help bring back shrinking sea ice, researchers say.

  8. Pluto
    Planetary Science

    It’s time to redefine what qualifies as a planet, scientists propose

    Astronomers can have their definition of a planet, but some planetary scientists plan to stick to the long-held meaning of the word.

  9. penicillin rash
    Health & Medicine

    Penicillin allergy? Think again.

    Most people are either mislabeled with a penicillin allergy or get over it with time, and doctors don’t always think to check.