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‘Silent Sparks’ illuminates fascinating world of fireflies

New book explores cultural, scientific interest in lightning bugs

10:00am, June 12, 2016

LIGHT SHOW  Not all types of fireflies light up as adults and engage in flashy mating displays. That tidbit on the insects’ behavior and other facts are detailed in a new book.

Silent Sparks
Sara Lewis
Princeton Univ., $29.95

Kids are fascinated by fireflies. So are scientists, who, despite decades of research, are still perplexed by many of the mysteries posed by “lightning bugs.” In Silent Sparks, biologist Sara Lewis explores both the cultural and scientific fascination with these marvelous beetles.

Many creatures can manufacture their own glow, Lewis notes, but fireflies are some of the few that can readily turn their lamps on and off. Not all of the world’s nearly 2,000 firefly species light up as adults. But all of their larvae do,

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