I feel compelled to respond to this article. No one can enter and leave the wilderness without a trace, whether on foot, bike, horse, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), skis, snowmobile, or snowshoes. However, rock climbing is among the least invasive outdoor activities. Apparently, someone with a personal vendetta against rock climbers discovered that a snail population in one location might be affected by climbers. Is there anyone available to consider the effect of a single, noisy, smoke-spewing, oil-dripping ATV on a forest road?

Sari Benmeir
Durango, Colo.

Your article seems myopic. This is like doing a study to find that there are fewer species living on trails than untouched land. The benefits of the sport of climbing to the environment are much more important than this finding. Every climber is an environmentalist and open-space advocate.

Alexander Rose
San Francisco, Calif.