This article speaks of a very interesting phenomenon that makes the cloning of primates seemingly impossible. Perhaps the nature of our DNA will resist our attempts to clone it because it was never meant to be cloned.

Mark Weilnau
St. Louis, Mo.

The article notes that it is “almost impossible to clone a person by using the same techniques that work in mice and other nonprimates.” Should we be so fast to claim success even in nonprimates? Has our world forgotten the fate of Dolly? Behind the guise of scientific advancement, cloning research has left nothing but death in its wake. Regardless of its intended end, the deformation and death propagated by cloning research on humans is a price the scientific community should never be willing to pay.

Mike Von Behren
St. Louis, Mo.

Although some scientists speculated that Dolly aged more quickly than normal because she was cloned from an adult sheep cell, there’s no solid evidence that her death was a result of her unique beginnings. Whether cloning can produce normal, healthy offspring remains a matter of great debate .–J. Travis