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Dark matter still remains elusive

8:00am, September 6, 2017

DARK EVADER  Scientists are searching for dark matter with detectors like XENON1T, shown here under construction.

Patience is a virtue in the hunt for dark matter. Experiment after experiment has come up empty in the search — and the newest crop is no exception.

Observations hint at the presence of an unknown kind of matter sprinkled throughout the cosmos. Several experiments are focused on the search for one likely dark matter candidate: weakly interacting massive particles, or WIMPs (SN: 11/12/16, p. 14). But those particles have yet to be spotted.

Recent results, posted at arXiv.org, continue the trend. The PandaX-II experiment, based in China, found no hint of the particles, scientists reported August 23. The XENON1T experiment in Italy also came up WIMPless according to a May 18 paper. Scientists with the DEAP-3600

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