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Global neuro lab

Giant brain-training dataset attracts scientists

11:00am, November 29, 2013
BRAIN DUMP  Lumos Labs is amassing an enormous amount of cognitive performance data by tracking its customers’ performance on the company’s brain-training games. Mining the data may produce new ways of spotting early stages of diseases such as Alzheimer’s or even more fundamental insights into how the brain works.

If you own a television, a computer or a smartphone, you may have seen ads for Lumosity, the brain-training regimen that promises to sharpen your wits and improve your life. Take the bait, and you’ll first create a profile that includes your age, how much sleep you get, the time of day you’re most productive and other minutiae about your life and habits. After this digital debriefing, you can settle in and start playing games designed to train simple cognitive skills like arithmetic, concentration and short-term recall.

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