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11:14am, February 10, 2012

Connecting the lincs
As a physician, I was absolutely astounded reading “Missing lincs” (SN: 12/17/11, p. 22) and still am. We have been waiting since DNA was discovered to find this ‘what makes us human’ aspect of our biochemistry. Even in the infancy of this research, we are discovering the chemical reasons for a type of muscular dystrophy and other conditions. What I find especially illuminating is that this may be the etiology of what we call autoimmune diseases, among other problems.

I am sure we will find it is a change in lincRNA balance or function that produces the change in regenerative ability of infants’ hearts mentioned in “Reviving a tired heart” (SN: 10/22/11, p. 26).
Linda Mendoza, Chico, Calif.

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