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Letters to the Editor


11:41am, March 23, 2012

A Boy Scout’s salute
I am a Boy Scout doing the Communications Merit Badge. I am supposed to write to the editor of a magazine and express my opinion.

I’ve always loved the Atom & Cosmos section because I’m very interested in particle physics and on the other end of the scale, cosmology. “Earth-y orb found in habitable zone” (SN: 3/10/12, p. 14) describes a planet 22 light-years away from Earth that could potentially have life on it. It really is fascinating to think that there are other civilizations out there in space all searching for other forms of life.

Another topic that I love reading about is black holes. Being someone who knows the tip of the iceberg about things like black holes, it’s really mind-boggling to read the works and findings of brilliant scientists in such a comprehensible way. Schools don’t teach this sort of material, and these science topics are what I love to learn abo

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