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3:07pm, December 14, 2012

Trust no one
Trust affects kids’ patience” (SN: 11/17/12, p. 10) refers only to children. But based on my own experience, I’d expect it to apply to adults as well. If you tell me I can have $100 now or $200 in an hour, what I do will depend on whether or not I trust you to come through with the $200 in an hour. I’d expect this to apply to anyone who is old enough to have a concept of the future and has had experience with trustworthy and untrustworthy people.
Ted Grinthal, Berkeley Heights, N.J.

Updated writing tips
Thanks for the reprint of the 1950 “Hints for writing science” mentioned in the letter from the editor (SN: 12/1/12, p. 2). The list of “stories that should be handled with care” has to be updated; quite a few concepts previously thought wacky are now mainstream. Here are a few, with updates:

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