December 29, 2012 | Science News

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  • Science Future

    Science Future for December 29, 2012

    January 27
    Last day to see an exhibit in New York City of mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot’s work on fractals and chaos theory, including some of his original drawings and photos. See

    January 31
    Deadline to enter the Neuro Film Festival, in which patients, caregivers or others can submit short videos about neurological disease to promote research funding. Watch past videos and get instructions for entering at

  • 50 Years Ago

    Science Past from the issue of December 29, 1962

    INSULIN SYNTHESIS SEEN — Synthesis of insulin for the first time may be realized early in 1963…. Dr.  Panayotis G. Katsoyannis [of the University of Pittsburgh] is hopeful  that the last problems are about to be  solved in synthesis of the life-saving protein-hormone important to  diabetic patients. Chinese scientists, either  in Shanghai or Peking, are believed to be working on the insulin-B chain containing  30 amino acid molecules that when joined with the A chain (containing 21 amino acid molecules) will produce  insulin. Spurred by competition, Dr. Katsoyannis is wo

    6 years ago
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    6 years ago
  • Reviews & Previews

    Mirror Earth

    According to one popular notion, everyone has a twin somewhere. Who knows, maybe the same is true for planets. Maybe there’s even a doppelgänger Earth orbiting at just the right distance from a sunlike star to support life. In his latest book, science writer Lemonick provides a behind-the-scenes look at the decades-long search for just such a planet. The endeavor, long considered a scientific back­water with little chance of success, is now one of the hottest fiel

  • Reviews & Previews

    Edge of the Universe

    A physicist tackles what is now known about the universe and how scientists are striving to explain concepts such as dark matter, dark energy and wormholes.

    Wiley, 2012, 236 p., $27.95