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Mirror Earth

The Search for Our Planet's Twin by Michael D. Lemonick

9:12pm, December 13, 2012

According to one popular notion, everyone has a twin somewhere. Who knows, maybe the same is true for planets. Maybe there’s even a doppelgänger Earth orbiting at just the right distance from a sunlike star to support life. In his latest book, science writer Lemonick provides a behind-the-scenes look at the decades-long search for just such a planet. The endeavor, long considered a scientific back­water with little chance of success, is now one of the hottest fields in astronomy.

Like any nascent field of science, the search for exoplanets poses a challenge that has lured both established researchers and ambitious students. These pioneers aim to detect planets too distant to see directly, by discerning the subtle wobbles of stars being tugged back and forth by the planets, as well as slight dimmings

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