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Letters to the Editor


12:38pm, December 17, 2010

Quality check
Thank you for great reporting. I’m a longtime subscriber to Science News (since the 1970s) and want to compliment your reporters, writers and editors on the high quality of your articles, which often involve material that is difficult to explain. They make the news of science understandable, informative and entertaining. Hopefully, publications like yours, together with good science education in our schools, will inspire our youth and combat the politicized science and the pseudoscience now prevalent in our society.
Leon R. Pacifici, Underhill, Vt.

Viral infection and obesity
The correlation between obesity and adenovirus-36 antibodies (SN: 10/9/10, p. 5) is interesting, but what is causing what? The article says 22 percent of obese children and 7 percent of normal-weight children in the study carried the antibodies. For a virus as “common” as the common cold, these seem

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