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Letters to the Editor

Letters from the March 3, 2007, issue of Science News

3:06pm, February 26, 2007

Up, down, around

I haven't seen any reference to the similarity between the "morphing" wing ("Ahead of the Curve: Novel morphing wing may reduce aircraft's fuel use," SN: 12/23&30/06, p. 406) and the "warping" wing that the Wright brothers used on their gliders and powered aircraft. It seems we've come full circle in our quest to emulate the flight of birds.

Paul Baker
Browns Valley, Calif.

Missing matchmaker

"No-Dad Dragons: Komodos reproduce without males" (SN: 12/23&30/06, p. 403) seems to gloss over an important issue. With only 4,000 dragons left in the world, why was this female, one of only a thousand females remaining, not paired with a mate? I read several versions of this story, none of which touched on this topic. I believe this reveals an even more interesting story concerning the care of endangered animals.

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