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The Tell

The Little Clues That Reveal Big Truths About Who We Are by Matthew Hertenstein

9:11am, December 3, 2013
While most people think they’re good at spotting liars, the truth may come as a surprise. The vast majority can detect a lie only 54 percent of the time (barely better than flipping a coin). A tiny percentage, maybe one in 1,000 people, can discern a lie more than 80 percent of the time. These “truth wizards” are exceptionally keen at reading a person’s facial expressions and body language, among other clues.
Hertenstein, a psychologist, chronicles research into what such nonverbal cues can reveal about a person. The book’s title alludes to a poker player’s term for a mannerism that can provide clues about an opponent’s cards (SN: 10/19/13, p. 8). Research suggests that even brief
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