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  1. All in the Family

    Contrary to popular belief, species of salamanders, birds, beetles and fish prefer to mate with close kin.

  2. Plants

    Attack of the skinny tomato

    An extra copy of one gene slims down tomatoes.

  3. Common Age: Worms, yeast, and people share genes for aging

    Roundworms, yeast, and humans share more than a dozen genes linked to aging.

  4. Pick a photo, any photo

    An fMRI scan of the brain can tell what photograph a subject is looking at.

  5. Materials Science

    Cellulose that stiffens and softens

    A material inspired by sea cucumbers morphs from rigid to soft.

  6. Health & Medicine

    Beyond Blood

    Bloodless MRI seeks a more direct window into the working brain than conventional techniques.

  7. Earth

    Some corals buffered from warming

    Corals in the western Pacific have escaped bleaching linked to rising ocean temperatures.

  8. Earth

    Manifest dirt

    Nineteenth-century settlers left a dusty mark on the West. Rocky Mountain lake deposits reveal that America’s westward expansion kicked huge amounts of dirt into the air—probably from livestock grazing. A team led by Jason Neff, a biogeochemist at the University of Colorado in Boulder, examined soil cores from the beds of tiny mountain lakes in […]

  9. Eau de fruit fly

    A single scent moves female fruit files to swoon and males to flee. The difference, new research shows, is in the brain’s wiring. Male flies on the prowl put out a pheromone called cis-vaccenyl acetate (cVA) that both sexes detect with scent-sensing cells on their antennae. To explain how cVA prompts such different reactions in […]

  10. Ecosystems

    Predators return

    Warming waters could push new predators into Antarctica's delicate ecosystems.

  11. Physics

    Extreme Measures

    Physicists use atom interferometry to measure gravity and other forces with unrivaled precision, and the technique could potentially guide airplanes and uncover buried caches of oil and diamonds.

  12. Spice It Up: Naked mole-rats feel no pain from peppers, acid

    The African naked mole-rat doesn't feel pain from acid or chilies, a possible adaptation to its cramped underground habitat.